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Country-based planning services

Planning for Country builds community and aligns diverse work behind Traditional Owners’ priorities.

Country planning

Traditional Owners have the right to set the strategic direction for caring for Country. One way this happens is by making a Country Plan.

A Country Plan is a foundational document expressing Traditional Owners’ goals for how they want to manage Country.

Coming together to develop a Country Plan is an important way to build community around shared values, and declares Traditional Owners’ defined objectives and priorities regarding caring for Country to others.

The Federation’s role

Country planning is an important process that can place an unrealistic capacity burden on Traditional Owner groups.

That’s why the Federation offers strategic expertise and capability to support Traditional Owners to undertake Country planning processes and develop culturally strong Country Plans.

Our methodology centres Aboriginal processes, decision-making and culture, by:

  • Getting Started – identifying a common vision and scope
  • Getting it Right – project planning and tracking
  • Yarning and Listening – supporting collaboration and consensus-building
  • Getting it Down on Paper – collecting these understandings into a document that centres Traditional Owner concepts, knowledge, truth, history and ideas.

The Federation has the capability and experience to facilitate, enable and support Traditional Owner Corporations to develop culturally strong plans. Our support can contribute to Traditional Owners’ efforts defining the strategic direction for healing Country – and bring community on a journey of nation-building.


Please contact James Hackel to discuss specific projects.

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The Federation can support Traditional Owner groups through other planning and project services, including:

  • Strategy and policy development
  • Business planning
  • Project support, including developing project briefs for RFQs and tenders
  • Support for engagement with government and other stakeholders
  • Advisory support
  • Joined-up approaches linking multiple Traditional Owner groups to respond to government processes and co-design

Additional ways Traditional Owner groups can plan for Country include:

  • Country sub-plans
  • Joint management plans
  • Indigenous Protected Area management plans
  • Cultural management plans
  • Sea Country plans
  • Strategies for managing resources
  • monitoring and evaluation plans

The Federation can support Traditional Owner groups in planning for Country in a variety of ways.

The Federation:

  • Understands and has experience with the statutory and regulatory planning environment
  • Has Aboriginal governance, cultural sensitivity and experience
  • Has a multi-disciplinary team with extensive experience in developing plans across the range of planning contexts
  • Coordinates a network of experienced industry specialists and contractors to deliver quality outcomes.

Please contact James Hackel for more information about the Federation’s Country-based planning and project services.