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Future generations of Victorian Traditional Owners will grow-up observing their Elders leading the use of the right fire for Country. They will be trusted to know the special reasons why fire is used and how it brings health to the land and people. Their children and grandchildren will see culturally valuable plants and animals return to Country and know their stories.

Victorian Traditional Owners wish to emphasise the inter-generational nature of this change, the fact that cultural fire is really about people and that trust must be given, placing authority in people’s hands. The First Peoples of Victoria further stress that using fire to realise culturally meaningful objectives will also achieve risk reduction as a complementary outcome.

To realise the ambitions of Traditional Owners to lead management of Country through the application of Cultural Fire, the Victorian Traditional Owner Cultural Fire Strategy was developed.

Victorian Traditional Owner Cultural Fire Strategy

The Victorian Traditional Owner Cultural Fire Strategy articulates Victorian Traditional Owners’ long term goals and objectives at State-wide and Country (regional) levels, and proposes sensible and achievable strategies and actions to achieve those over time.

The development of the Strategy was funded by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to support Traditional Owner rights and interests in reintroducing Cultural Fire to the landscape. Facilitated by the Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations, the project was led by Victorian Traditional Owner fire knowledge holders from around the state.

The Strategy Development was overseen by a Project Control Group, where representatives of partners met to receive information from the Victorian Traditional Owner Cultural Fire Knowledge Group about what was working on the ground and to ensure the effectiveness of the institutional arrangements for strategy development.