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Traditional Owners continue the cultural practices of their ancestors in caring for and sustainably managing animals, which brings cultural, economic and ecological benefits.

Animals belong in the landscape and are vital to the health of Country, culture and community. They have spiritual significance as totem animals, and measure the health of Country in their populations and locations. The Federation recognises their cultural, spiritual, and ecological significance, and supports Traditional Owners’ rights to care for and manage animals on Country.

Traditional Owner Game Management Strategy

The Traditional Owner Game Management Strategy sets out how Victorian Government departments and agencies will partner with Traditional Owners to reinstate cultural knowledge and practice in animal management on Country.

The Strategy was developed in 2022 by Traditional Owners and the Victorian Government in the spirit of genuine collaboration and self-determination. Implementing the Strategy involves three action areas:

  • Collaborative management
  • Sustainable resourcing
  • Recognition and respect

Co-governance of the Strategy involves sharing, learning and respectful integration of Traditional Owner hunting knowledge and management with science.


The Federation contributes Victorian Traditional Owner perspectives on animals with governments and decision-makers. Key submissions include: