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Traditional Owners within Victoria continue the cultural practices of their Ancestors, particularly with respect to the animals they hunt as game. Many of these animals have spiritual and ceremonial significance. Traditional Owners throughout Victoria have always been actively engaged in the sustainable management of the resources of their respective Countries.

To realise the ambitions of Traditional Owners to lead management of Country through the management of game on Country, the Traditional Owner Cultural Game Management Strategy was developed.

Traditional Owner Game Management Strategy

The Traditional Owner Game Management Strategy sets out how Victorian Government departments and agencies will partner with Traditional Owners to deliver practical actions to build Traditional Owner participation in hunting, land management and conservation.

In 2022 the Federation worked with Traditional Owners and the Victorian government to develop an Implementation Plan for the Strategy. The Plan sets out how the partnership will realise the goals of the Strategy, through three Action Areas:

  • Collaborative Management;
  • Sustainable Resourcing; and
  • Recognition and Respect,

with an additional section dedicated to enduring co-governance forum for sharing, learning and respectful integration of Traditional Owner hunting knowledge and management with science.

One key element in development of the Implementation Plan is the Traditional Owner Caucus. To confirm the Plan’s content, Caucus met regularly before each meeting with government agencies in the Co-Governance Group.

Funding through the Strategy is enabling Traditional Owners to lead the development of collaborative management through four diverse projects that will deliver across key Actions Areas, with learnings to be shared with other Traditional Owner groups and be used to develop Nation scale programs.