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Economic development supports community wellbeing and is a critical part of self-determination.

True self-determination requires economic independence.

Without an independent, rights-based economic base, Traditional Owner groups are reliant on government funding for income and tied to government priorities.

Traditional Owner groups have a fundamental right to make decisions for their communities, pursue their own development, maintain their cultural connections, and build prosperous, independent nations.

This development is not about accumulating individual wealth – it is about resourcing resilient, independent nations, to build collective prosperity.

Exercising this right to self-determination requires resources.


Aboriginal Economic Development in Victoria

Economic development is a important driver of self-determination and wellbeing for Aboriginal individuals, corporations, and communities.

Aboriginal-owned joint ventures

Owning and running enterprises enables economic independence and future prosperity for Traditional Owner collectives and communities.

Indigenous Preferential Procurement

Indigenous Preferential Procurement Programs help establish and grow Indigenous employment, and contribute to improved overall wellbeing.

Local Government

The Victorian Aboriginal Local Government Strategy embeds the voices and priorities of Aboriginal communities at a local government level.

Native foods and botanicals business grants

A flexible, culturally responsive grant program to support Traditional Owner groups to develop native food and botanicals businesses.

Native foods and botanicals strategy

A culturally safe and authentic native food and botanicals industry brings Traditional Owners economic, social and cultural benefits.

Victorian Traditional Owner Renewable Energy Forum

Traditional Owners have a critical role to play in shaping and benefiting from Victoria’s renewable energy transition.