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Welcome to Country

We pay our respect to the Traditional Owners of Country and acknowledge their embodiments of a culture over 40,000 years old.

As Traditional Owners we are the direct descendants of the ancestors who cared for this Country before colonisation and a living connection to the oldest continuing culture in the world.

While we acknowledge the past, we want to chart a new collaborative path forwards, sharing and celebrating our culture to work towards a reconciled society.

We recognise that Welcome to Country plays a vital role in reconciliation. It allows us to acknowledge our shared history and culture and pay our respects.

Welcome to Country can be performed by a Traditional Owner or Elder of the land where the event is being held.

Please contact your local Traditional Owner Corporation to request a Welcome to Country or contact the Federation for confirmation of which Traditional Owner Corporation to approach if you are unsure.

Our CEO, Paul Paton, recently talked to SBS about the significance of a Welcome to Country.

Listen to the podcast here.