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Federation Enterprises

Federation Enterprises Pty Ltd was established in 2013 as a for-profit, wholly owned subsidiary of the Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations.

The role and function of Federation Enterprises have been to establish joint venture companies with at least 51% ownership, particularly with a view to leveraging government procurement opportunities. The joint venture companies were started with nominal capital from Federation Enterprises by partnering with capacity partners to provide meaningful jobs for Indigenous people.


As the parent company, the Board of the Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations appoints the Federation Enterprises directors, usually for terms of two years and meeting 4-6 times a year.

Federation Enterprises has no staff and the Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations, with the Managing Director, maintains the Company Secretary role and services the board.

Paul Paton

Managing Director

Rod Jackson

Casey Majchrzak

Seeking Expressions of Interest to join the Board

Utilise your business acumen and industry expertise by joining Federation Enterprises as a Board Director.
We are currently seeking expressions of interest (EOI) from suitably qualified people to be considered for appointment to the Federation Enterprises’ board of directors.

Find out more about the Federation Enterprises Board here

And more about the EOI process here

Functions of the Board

The Board is expected to:

  • Maintain oversight of and grow the capital and income generated from its investment activity
  • Develop new opportunities that enhance and benefit the Federation and its Members, and Traditional Owners more broadly
  • Direct, control and manage the interests of the company, particularly through high quality advice, maintaining industry knowledge, capacity to lead and manage risk and investment due diligence
  • Build shareholder relationships with joint venture partners and broader business and industry knowledge and experience
  • Ensure the interests, integrity and reputation of the parent company and group are maintained including through strong accountability, reporting and communication.

Barpa Pty. Ltd.

Majority-owned by the Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations, Barpa is the Federation’s first joint venture with the award-winning multi-national construction company Icon.

Established in 2014 and certified by Supply Nation, the partnership builds on the strengths of the two entities to offer an Indigenous solution for capital works projects across Australia. Barpa has been successfully growing a solid foundation in the construction sector, as well as providing strong Aboriginal employment outcomes.

Find out more about Barpa’s work


The underpinning vision and values of the Federation, as the sole shareholder, are carried through the appointment of directors and expectations set as part of the group of companies that is ultimately responsible to the Federation’s members.

Federation Enterprises has been established among other things as a way to support the Federation by enabling:

  • Enhanced income generation and reduced risk profile and mitigation of conflict of interest
  • A greater degree of direct control and oversight of investments
  • Furthering economic and business opportunities
  • Greater focus on managing business interests

Federation Enterprises is intended to maintain an investment perspective, including in relation to:

  • Performance and risk management
  • Outcomes and effectiveness
  • Values and standards
  • Benefits from partnerships to the Federation and its members directly or indirectly from industry participation.

It is also recognised that a key function of Federation Enterprises is to manage interests in joint ventures. Key functions are, as a shareholder or member of joint ventures to:

  • Oversee and monitor performance of joint venture companies
  • Maintain oversight of shareholder agreements and member
  • Appoint directors to joint ventures
  • Federation Enterprises directors may also be appointed to joint venture subsidiary boards.