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Community wellbeing means strong culture and healthy community.

Our community provides the direction and knowledge base that informs our work and guides our policy advice. It is our Traditional Owner community that we support to realise their Nation visions and have real management of Country and culture.

Our community is actively supported by our work in the following areas.


Aboriginal Culture and Healing Flood Recovery Grant Program

Applications are now open for the Aboriginal Culture and Healing Flood Recovery Grant Program.

Country-based planning services

Planning for Country builds community and aligns diverse work behind Traditional Owners’ priorities.

First Principles Review

The Review considered issues relating to the principles and legislation underpinning the Traditional Owner Settlement Act agreements and policy.

Nation Building

Nation building describes the diverse ways that First Nations come together, organise and govern according to their own lore and culture, to achieve the shared goals and objectives of their communities.


Deleted: The unique rights and responsibilities of Traditional Owners must be given statutory and regulatory enforcement.


Treaty is our opportunity to make sure that Victorian Traditional Owners have the freedom and power to make the decisions that affect our communities, our culture, and our Country.