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Native foods and botanicals strategy

A culturally safe and authentic native food and botanicals industry brings Traditional Owners economic, social and cultural benefits.

Traditional Owners have a leading role to play in Victoria’s emerging native food and botanicals industry.


This industry can benefit the Victorian economy, sustain the health of Country, and bring cultural, social and economic benefits to Traditional Owner groups – but it needs thoughtful planning, good investment, and respectful collaboration.

The Victorian Traditional Owner Native Foods and Botanicals Strategy is an important foundational document. It outlines the reforms needed to legislation, regulation and industry standards to ensure Traditional Owners can occupy their rightful place leading this emerging industry.

Launched in April 2021, the strategy was developed by Traditional Owners in a process facilitated by the Federation with funding from Agriculture Victoria.

“Traditional Owners are proud to share the benefits of our ancient knowledge and practices with the world. Whether through food, medicines, supplements, cosmetics or other products, this program will help us grow a culturally authentic industry, boosting our local businesses and economies.” – Federation CEO, Paul Paton

Traditional knowledge group

A group of Victorian Traditional Owners oversees the strategy’s implementation and provides cultural oversight and input into decision-making. Please contact Reece O’Brien to learn more, and read the group’s communications: one, two, three, four.

Industry development grants

The Djakitjuk Djanga: Native Foods and Botanicals Industry Development grant program supports Traditional Owners to take their rightful place leading Victoria’s native foods and botanicals industry.