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Yoorrook Justice Commission – land injustice submission

Land justice isn’t just a mechanism for righting historic wrongs – it’s a contemporary issue, critical to achieving self-determination and to the long-term existence of Traditional Owner groups as distinct cultural, social, economic and political entities.

That’s what we told Victoria’s truth-telling body, Yoorrook Justice Commission, in our written submission to its land injustice inquiry, published in December 2023.

We told the Commission about the centrality of Country to Traditional Owners’ identity, culture, economic opportunity and overall wellbeing, and the importance of Traditional Owners’ access to and authority over Country.

We reminded the Commission of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and how the right to self-determination as expressed in that Declaration requires economic independence, genuine partnership and decision-making authority, and for Traditional Owner groups to hold rights in land and resources.

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